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Christmas Donation 2023

This holiday season, we are proud to extend our support to two remarkable organizations, "Grow Together" and "Dank Dir!", through our annual Christmas donation initiative.

"Grow Together" is a non-profit organization in Austria, active since 2012, focusing on supporting babies and their families in psychosocially high-risk situations. The organization offers multimodal therapeutic treatments and psychosocial support to improve the health and developmental prospects of the children and to stabilize the families in the long term. A key aspect of their work is supporting the parents in their professional (re-)integration and the earliest possible promotion of the children to prevent neglect and endangerment in high-risk groups.

"Dank Dir!" in Austria focuses on providing children with disabilities with optimal therapies and aids not supported by public funding. They help create moments like a child with a disability standing up from a wheelchair for the first time on their own, or the joy of a child feeling the wind while riding a specially adapted bicycle. Every donation goes directly and fully to the children, as confirmed by external audits, to enable significant progress in their development.