SONN Patentanwälte – IP Attorneys


Helmut Sonn

former IP attorney

Helmut Sonn was a partner with SONN.

Helmut Sonn advised in all matters relating to the protection of industrial property rights, especially trademark and design law. In particular, on the basis of his extensive experience, he provided advice in connection with licence agreements, remuneration agreements with inventors, and withdrawal and restitutio in integrum.

Helmut Sonn studied Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology before qualifying as an Austrian Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. In addition, Helmut Sonn served for many years as an arbitrator at the International Court of Arbitration of the Austrian Economic Chamber, an Expert Judge at the Vienna Commercial Court, and a generally sworn and court certified expert for the patent system.

As a result of his many years of highly active involvement with numerous associations for the protection of intellectual property, Helmut Sonn has been granted honorary membership of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, AIPPI and the Austrian Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Copyright.

With the end of 2020, Helmut Sonn retired from the bar of Austrian Patent Attorneys.