EPO Case law: Late arguments to be admitted

Art 114(2) EPC: Arguments submitted in appeal proceedings are admissible in any event, provided that they are based on facts already in the proceedings, even if they are put forward for the first time at a late stage of the proceedings (contrary to T 1621/09). The BoA has no discretionary power in this regard (EPO … >> read more


Fabian Stanke becomes partner with SONN & PARTNER Patentanwälte

We are pleased to announce that Patent and Trademark Attorney Fabian Stanke joins the firm as partner. Fabian Stanke began his training in our firm in 2012. In 2015, he became a European Patent Attorney. In 2017 he mastered the Austrian bar exam to become an Austrian Patent Attorney. He specialises in the technical fields … >> read more


Equivalent arrangement of the heating surface of a grill tray

The patent in dipute provides that the outer edge of the heating surface of the protected grill tray is connected to the cut edge of the furnace pan. With the controversial grill bowl the outer edge of the heating surface lies slightly outside the cut edge of the furnace tub. This slight projection of the … >> read more

EPO Case law: Inadmissibility of anticipated assessment of evidence

Art 113(1) EPC: It is the opponent’s responsibility to present all facts relevant to an alleged prior use and to offer suitable evidence (pursuant to Art 117(1) EPC inter alia documents, objects of inspection and witnesses). If witnesses are only to confirm the facts previously submitted, the relevant facts are not brought into the proceedings … >> read more


Non-obvious fastening of storage elements of an oven

The main difference between the patent in dispute and the closest prior art is that a convection chamber of the oven according to the invention is formed, on the one hand, by storage elements which are held by means of brackets attached to the outer wall of the combustion chamber and which are in direct … >> read more



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