SONN is fully operational despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. For this reason, and also in order to assume our social responsibility, we have followed the recommendation of the Federal Government and have made arrangements such that all our employees are able to work from home. For the time being, our office still … >> read more


Christmas Donation 2019

Our Christmas donation 2019 was given to “Sterntalerhof” and “Wiender Tafel”. The Sterntalerhof is a children’s hospice in the original sense of the word, namely a harbourage where hope can grow anew, families can find peace, tank up on strength, and return home with confidence – all the time accompanied with loving care by most … >> read more


EPO case law: GDPR is no basis for exclusion from file inspection

A party requesting the exclusion of certain documents from inspection under Art 128(4) EPC may not successfully rely on the provisions of the GDPR because it is not binding on the European Patent Organisation (EPO BoA 12 April 2019, T 851/18).


EPO case law: patentability of implants

A device defined by a feature which can only be generated by a surgical or therapeutic step (here: an implantable device for desynchronizing the activity of pathologically active brain areas comprising means for stimulating brain regions) is excluded from patenting under Article 53 (c) EPC. In continuation of T 775/97 (EPO BoA 15 February 2019, … >> read more


EPO case law: NDA for experts is irrelevant

The appalent’s request not to admit the declaration of an expert, since the latter is bound by an NDA and is therefore not entitled to make statements on the experiments he made, cannot be granted: In order to comply with that request, the Board of Appeal would have to examine the content and validity of … >> read more



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