First things first

A good idea can change the world, give shape to a thought, give a boost to the economy. The aim always being to make the world a better place to live in. But for an idea to become an innovation, it must be legally protected. This is the service we provide – making sure that your innovation is safe from imitation.

It is inconceivable that these pioneers would not have had their ideas legally protected: Thomas A. Edison, who revolutionised electricity. Henry Bessemer, the first to mass-produce steel. And George M. Pullman, who invented sleeping compartments for railway trains. These important inventions form part of the history of science. These men changed the world with their inventions – and the founders of our patent law firm in Vienna would probably have been personally acquainted with them, for all three were clients of our firm, which was set up in 1851.

Turning unique ideas into profit-yielding innovations is a tremendous challenge. This is precisely what our clients do: they make the world a better place with their ideas. We support them in a decisive stage of the process – from filing a patent application, to the examination of the patent claims, to enforcement of our clients’ rights in court. We ensure that our clients’ ideas will always be what they started out as: unique ideas.

The world is full of ideas capable of achieving great things. And often it is the small inventions that give rise to trailblazing achievements. Be it a patent, a utility model, a brand or a design – we will protect your invention and defend your rights. In Austria, in Europe, and throughout the world. Choosing us as your patent attorneys is already a good idea!

Welcome to SONN & PARTNER.


Innovations secure the future – when ideas are protected

What happens if intellectual property is not protected? It is open to use by anyone. At SONN & PARTNER, we are here to prevent that happening to you. To ensure that you are safe from imitators and get the best possible representation in legal disputes. We protect your ideas and defend your rights.

As a firm of patent attorneys based in Vienna, we have over 160 years of experience in the protection of industrial property rights. Our partners include leading Austrian lawyers, who provide you with competent and effective support in all matters relating to patents, trademarks and designs covered by Austrian, European and international law.

Specialisation is the key to successful representation in patent granting procedures and the enforcement of rights. Our main specialist areas regarding the protection of industrial property rights are:


Be it patents and utility models for the protection of technical inventions, trademarks for the protection of distinguishing marks of goods and services, or designs for the protection of the external appearance of products – we successfully enforce your interests. In Austria, in Europe and all over the world.


Protecting inventions – registering patents

Innovations are much more than just good ideas. Innovations are the result of complex processes in which many components and divisions of a company play a decisive part. Do you need to file a patent application? As patent attorneys, we protect your ideas. This is what we are there for – placing all our knowledge and many years of experience at your disposal. The solution strategies we create are as individual as the innovations of our clients.

Our patent attorneys and technical experts combine their technical and legal knowledge to find the optimum strategy for protecting your rights. By ensuring that imitators cannot access your ideas or market them illegally, we safeguard your unique selling point.

We work closely with you, examining your invention in depth. As patent attorneys we scrutinise every detail and collect all the necessary information for you to secure your rights. This is why confidential discussion with you is of particular importance. We conduct examinations and searches, we draft and submit your application, and we see it through to completion, efficiently delivering the highest possible quality and the best possible results. To ensure that your rights are quickly secured with the minimum amount of complication, in every single case.


The services provided by SONN & PARTNER in the field of technical property rights:

  • Drafting, submission and implementation of patent applications and utility model applications
  • Supplementary protection certificates (SPC)
  • Searches and worldwide monitoring of property rights
  • Freedom-to-operate (FTO)
  • Evaluation of external search results (patent offices, external search institutions)
  • Expert evaluation and assessment of industrial property rights
  • Management of international portfolios of industrial property rights
  • Drafting and negotiating licence agreements
  • Opposition and nullity proceedings
  • Representation in courts and arbitration centres
  • Evaluation of IP (intellectual property) portfolios
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Expert reports, agreements and representation in matters relating to employee inventions
  • Drawing up and evaluating application strategies

Trademarks create value

Trademarks are distinguishing marks that create value. They are investments that make a decisive contribution to the long-term success and profitability of your company. This is why trademarks need special protection. With its expert staff, SONN & PARTNER is regarded as one of Austria’s leading IP firms, providing comprehensive advice on the options available to you for protecting and defending your rights – quickly, competently and reliably.

Perhaps you want to have a trademark protected, either nationally or internationally? Or maybe you have received a warning letter from the owner of a trademark? We are here to help. Be it a trademark, a name, a company name, a business designation, a “get-up”, a slogan or a domain – our attorneys will guide you through the often impenetrable jungle of the available rights. In addition, we act competently on your behalf in legal matters such as the transfer of rights, assignments, rights of lien, the registration of encumbrances, etc.

We advise you in finding the right trademark strategy for your company. We act effectively for you, from the initial filing of the application to the enforcement of your rights based on a registered trademark, both in Austria and abroad. We select the most suitable and effective form of product mark for you, to ensure that your interests are safeguarded in the best possible way. We check availability, manage the application process and deal with any obstacles or objections that may arise. So that you get the best and most favourable option for protecting your rights.


Designs protect the appearance of your product

Designs protect the special external appearance of a whole product or a part of a product. What kind of products can be effectively protected? Any design of an industrial or handmade product (including the packaging) can be protected under design law, provided the design in question is not yet on the market and is distinct from the design of comparable products that are already on the market. In other words, a design has to be new. Images and trademarks can also be protected by a registered design.

If you want to register a design for protection, we at SONN & PARTNER are here to help – as your competent and reliable contact partner in all matters relating to filing applications in Austria or abroad, deciding on the duration of protection, examination, register entries, international designs and infringement of design rights.

Whether you need an Austrian registered design, a prototype, a Community design or an international design – we advise you on the right application strategy, create drawings for the best possible protection of your design, and manage your registered design portfolio. As patent attorneys, we protect your design and represent your rights.


Services provided by SONN & PARTNER in the field of trademarks & designs:

  • Drafting, submission and further coordination of trademark and design applications
  • Opposition and cancellation procedures in regard to national and European Union trademarks
  • Nullity and declaratory procedures in regard to Austrian designs and European Union designs
  • Registration of domain names
  • Management of international trademark and design portfolios
  • Advice in the event of disputes in regard to trademarks and designs
  • Prosecution of product piracy
  • Searches and international monitoring
  • Drafting and negotiation of licence agreements
  • Applications for restitutio in integrum