New, but obvious delivery form

In the prior art a study is known in which the patented active ingredient (fulvestrant) is already being used to treat breast cancer. Although this study only describes subcutaneous injections, it is logical to use this formulation for intramuscular injections as well. In order to achieve a long-term effect with the treatment with fulvestrant, the … >> read more


Non-obvious fastening of storage elements of an oven

The main difference between the patent in dispute and the closest prior art is that a convection chamber of the oven according to the invention is formed, on the one hand, by storage elements which are held by means of brackets attached to the outer wall of the combustion chamber and which are in direct … >> read more


Enabling Disclosure

The applicant applied for a patent under the title “anti snoring baloon”. The application contained no (patent) claims only a description and a test report. The description mentioned the desired properties of the balloon and the effects to be achieved in its application, but did not disclose the technical characteristics which lead to the solution. … >> read more


The right to be heard and the obligation to state reasons

If, for the first time in the contested decision a document is cited which in view of the patent office anticipates the claimed subject without giving the applicant the opportunity to comment on it beforehand, the applicant’s right to be heard is infringed. Rejection due to lack of novelty and inventive step requires verifiable justification. … >> read more


patented black

News that British sculptor Anish Kapoor had obtained “exclusive rights” on the colour VantaBlack® – the “blackest black” – caused quite a stir in the media early this year. Patenting colours – is this even possible? Yet the progression of patent practice used to be closely intertwined with the development and patenting of synthetic dyes. … >> read more



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