EPO case law: Infringement of the right to be heard

The text on the basis of which the application is granted or the patent is maintained in a decision or an interlocutory decision must be the one submitted or approved by the applicant or patent proprietor within the meaning of Article 113(2) EPC. Even if the applicant or patent proprietor has expressly delegated the adaptation … >> read more


Austrian Patent Office: Significant increase in fees as part of the Budget Framework Act

The Austrian Parliament has enacted the Budget Framework Act shortly before the end of the year. Part of the Budget Framework Act was also an amendment to the Patent Office Fees Act. As part of this change, the Parliament has now adopted some substantial fee increases. The search fee for utility models was increased from … >> read more


Amendment of the Patent Office Fees Act

Amendment of the Patent Office Fees Act In Austria, an amendment regarding the official fees to be paid at the Patent Office has come into force on January 1, 2010; this amendment particularly concerns patents and utility models. 1. Most importantly, in future patent annuities only for the 6th year (and following years) after filing … >> read more


Decrease of official fees for the application and registration of community trade marks as of May 1, 2009

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) will decrease its fees considerably as of May 1, 2009. The basic application fee (1 to 3 classes) will be € 1.050.– for an application by mail or facsimile, and € 900.– for an online application. The additional class fee of € 150.– per class from the fourth class onwards remains … >> read more


Changes in the fee structure of the European Patent Office, valid as of April 1, 2009

Already in 2008, the fee structure of the European Patent Office was changed. On April 1, 2009, a new fee structure will become effective as concerns European patent applications (European divisional applications included) filed as of April 1 , 2009, and as concerns international applications entering the regional phase before the European Patent Office as … >> read more



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