Belgium dispenses with translation requirements

In each of the contracting states (currently 38) of the European Patent Convention (EPC) a European patent has the same legal status as a national patent granted by that state. However, to put the European patent into effect in a designated state certain translation requirements – which vary from country to country – have to … >> read more


Christmas donation 2016

Our Christmas donation 2016 was given to “Diakonie” and “Rettet das Kind”. The “Diakonie” provides asylum seekers with the basic care center Paul Weilandhaus a safe home on time. In addition, there are literacy courses, learning support, games, craft and art groups. “Rettet das Kind” is a private, non-partisan and denominational child support organization. The … >> read more


Preclusion rules in opposition proceedings

In a recent decision the Vienna Court of Appeals provides a fundamental new interpretation of the relevant procedural provisions in opposition proceedings. Contrary to settled case law the Vienna Court of Appeals finds that at the end of the opposition period new arguments and new evidence are not precluded. However, the Court of Appeals also … >> read more


Earth Wind & Fire

Earth Wind & Fire is the name of a music band founded in 1965 by the drummer Maurice White. Since 1975 that formation has celebrated worldwide successes and earned Grammys and gold- and platinum albums. The band became famous also in Austria and was famous at the time of priority (2003) of the attacked trade … >> read more


Bavaria keeps Neuschwanstein

In a decision published 5 July 2016 (T-167/15), the General Court of the European Union (GC) confirmed that the sign “Neuschwanstein” was fully protectable as a European Union trade mark. In 2011, the Free State of Bavaria had successfully applied to register the word mark „Neuschwanstein“ as an EU trade mark for various goods and … >> read more



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