Christmas donation 2014

Our Christmas donation 2014 was given to “Make-A-Wish Foundation® Austria” and “Gruft”. “Make-A-Wish Foundation® Austria” fulfills wishes of seriously ill children between 3 and 18 years. Many children would like to meet their idol or would like to spend a day in a role. For example fly a plane. “Gruft” offers homeless people a harbour … >> read more


Languages in IP Proceedings

Since the reform of IP proceedings 2014, all appeals from the Austrian Patent Office are to be prosecuted before the Upper Provincial Court in Vienna (OLG Wien) with a further appeal to the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH). This change was demanded by the whole IP profession. It turned out to be successful since now the … >> read more


Multiple Ownership of Patents

Austrian Patent Law accepts the ownership of patents (and other IP rights) of several natural and/or legal persons as co-owners principally but refers to general civil law all questions concerning the rights of the individual owners with regard to the other co-owners. Civil law provides that each co-owner can work the patent only insofar as … >> read more


Company names and trade marks

Within the EU the attack of a trade mark on the basis of a company name is often problematic with regard to proofs both against national trade marks and EU trade marks. According to the EU Trade Marks Harmonization Directive Art. 4.4 (b) a member state may provide for such action. If it does, this Article foresees … >> read more


“ski in ski out”

This is a registered Community trade mark. Its owner and plaintiff owns a hotel in an Austrian skiing area situated directly at the skiing slope so that one can directly ski to and from the hotel. The defendant owns a restaurant in the same skiing area. It advertises its business indirectly that its restaurant lies … >> read more



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