Christmas donation 2013

Our Christmas donation 2013 was given to Caritas-Vienna. “Caritas-Vienna (integration work peppa)” provide girls and young women from 10 to 20 years a wide range of activities. In addition to leisure time activities, such as the girls café and various workshops, visitors have the possibility of counseling and learning assistance.


DI Johannes Strobl has been registered in the List of Austrian patent attorneys

We are pleased to announce that DI Johannes Strobl, a graduate of the University of Vienna in the subject of Technical Physics following the successful Qualifying Examination for professional representatives before the European Patent Office in 2012 has now also successfully passed the Austrian Patent Attorney Examination in November 2013. He has been registered in … >> read more

Wonderfully distinctive

The assessment of the distinctiveness of trade marks consisting of a slogan remains a difficult issue before patent offices and courts throughout Europe. In a recent case, the Austrian Supreme IP Tribunal had to decide on the registrability of the word mark “WONDERFUL TONIGHT” for goods in class 3 (including parfumes, soaps, etc.). The first two … >> read more


Remuneration for Employee Inventions

In a recent decision, the Austrian Supreme Court has confirmed its previous case law on the calculation of remunerations for employee inventions. Austrian patent law provides little guidance with respect to the determination of the rewards owed for inventions made by employees. In this regard, the Austrian Supreme Court argues that casuistic principles, as laid … >> read more


High Standard of Proof for Internet Publications

In a recent decision, the Austrian Patent Appeal Board had to decide on the question whether an internet disclosure was proven to be published before the priority date of the patent in suit. In this decision, the Patent Appeal Board clarified that disclosures on the internet certainly do belong to the prior art. However, in … >> read more



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