New tariff 2012

2011 was the year of global financial crisis and recession and, sad to say, many expect for 2012 this situation to go even worse, with what in the Internet is called Financial Crisis 2.0 looming over the horizon. While we at Sonn & Partner see this situation not as gloomy, we nevertheless recognise the reality … >> read more


Christmas donation 2011

Our Christmas donation 2011 was given to “Nachbar in Not” (Neighbor in Need) and “SOS-Children’s Village”. Due to the famine in many countries of East Africa, the beneficence “Nachbar in Not” started the project “NACHBAR IN NOT – Hunger in Ostafrika (German only)“. The “SOS Children’s Village” gives children who lost their parents or who … >> read more

About the dissimilarity of wine and ham

Some of the more vinophile IP enthusiasts might have heard of young Austrian wine called “Junker” coming from southern Styria. Already in 1986 some wineries from Styria joined together to the sell young white wine from Styria under a common name and a joint advertising campaign. An advertising agency developed the label “Styrian Junker”. The … >> read more


Protection of merchandising articles strengthened

In a recent decision the Austrian Supreme Court changed its case law with respect to merchandising articles. In the present case the defendant sold souvenir plates showing one of the famous Lipizzaner white horses of the Spanish horse riding school in Vienna. Below the picture of the horse the text “Spanische Reitschule” (Spanish Riding School) … >> read more


Trade Mark Infringement Action by Competitors

A merchant (not related to the firm Puma) in the perfume market sued a competitor for infringement of Puma’s trade mark by its use of both for perfumes. Puma’s trade mark has been used for perfumes on the Austrian market through sales by means of its website. The Plaintiff sued for trade mark infringement on … >> read more



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