Christmas Donation 2009

Our christmas donation was given to “Caritas Socialis” and “HIVmobil”. The organization “Caritas Socialis” supports and attends people from the beginning to the end of their lifetime. Their specialized offers are for people, who have dementia or disseminated sclerosis. Incurable cancer-suffering people are accomponied mobile and stationarily. The organization “HIVmobil” offers a HIV specific, medical … >> read more


Domain name rules clarified

The uncertainties in the jurisprudence about the possibility to cancel domain names formed by using the names of others has now been clarified. In two decisions regarding domain names for websites criticizing the activity of the names’ owners the Austrian Supreme Court made new clear rulings. First of all, the already established rule was confirmed … >> read more


Imitation Marketing

In a recent judgement the Austrian Supreme Court had to decide a case on knives which were protected as registered Community Designs. These knives were sold in sets consisting of 11 knives, whereas the knives were packed in two layers of 5 and respectively 6 knives such that when the cover of the package was taken away all … >> read more


“Biopatent Monitoring Committee” gives positive report

The European Directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions 98/44/EC was transformed into national law on 10 June 2005. The Austrian Parliament has connected the establishment of a special monitoring committee to this transformation. This committee (the “Biopatent Monitoring Committee”) had the task of monitoring the impact of this transformation into Austrian law on human … >> read more


The Fate of Disclaimers in Europe

The “Postkantoor”-decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ case C-363/99 “Postkantoor”) has ruled among other points in point 6 “Directive 89/104 prevents a trade mark registration authority from registering a mark for certain goods and services on condition that they do not possess a particular characteristic.” OHIM has already refused to accept some disclaimers on … >> read more



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