Christmas donation 2007

Our Christmas donation 2007 was given (in equal shares) to “Kinderhilfswerk” (Austrian Children’s Fund) and “SOS-Children’s Village”. The goal of the “Kinderhilfswerk” is to provide a protected and healthy environment for children to grow up in with their parents. The “SOS Children’s Village” gives children who lost their parents or who can no longer live … >> read more


Norway and Croatia accede to the European Patent Convention

The Governments of the Kingdom of Norway (NO) and the Republic of Croatia (HR) deposited the instrument of notification of the European Patent Convention (EPC) and the instrument of accession to the Act revising the EPC of 29 November 2000. The EPC will accordingly enter into force for Norway and Croatia on 1 January 2008. … >> read more

Legitimacy of addressing warning letters to employees

In one of its recent decisions, the Austrian Supreme Court clarified certain aspects of the legitimacy of addressing warning letters to employees. In the case to be decided, an interim injunction was granted to the defendant against the “Sales Manager Austria” of the claimant. As the claimant had no place of business in Austria, but … >> read more


Use as a Trademark – New referral to the ECJ

After the well-reported Häupl vs. Lidl case of the European Court of Justice (ECJ C-246/05), in which we as patent attorneys directly before the ECJ pleaded through our partner Helmut Sonn about the starting date of the 5-years period in which to start use in case of International marks and about the validity of reasons … >> read more

Licensing and Invalidity: It’s Valid Until it has been Declared Invalid; and: do not Forget About the Know-How (Decision of the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH))

A licensee has licensed a utility model (UM) and know-how (KH) for an oxygen-enriched beverage. In addition, a gas mixing equipment was supplied by the licensor mainly for counting the drinks for calculating the license fee. Shortly after the equipment was successfully installed at the licensee’s facility, problems occurred and the licensee decided to exchange … >> read more



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