Schedule of Charges 2007

We are pleased to inform you that by further optimizing our work routine and by automation of processes we have been able to maintain our fees, or even to largely reduce them, respectively. However, for orders received by us on the last day of their final term or on the day before such date, we … >> read more


Christmas donation 2006

Our Christmas donation 2006 was given (in equal shares) to “buddy-verein” and “Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe”. “buddy-verein” accompanies people having HIV/AIDS with the goal to improve their psychosocial situation. “Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe” supports children suffering from cancer and their families during a challenging time.

AG’s Opinion on Harmonised Non-Use Legislation

In a preliminary ruling case forwarded to the ECJ by the Austrian Oberster Patent- und Markensenat (OPM) and closely monitored by the Austrian IP community, advocate-general Damaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer delivered his opinion on 26 October 2006 (C?246/05 – Häupl vs. Lidl). If followed by the ECJ, the opinion will have revolutionary impact on non-use legislation … >> read more


Austrian and German Utility Models – the dissimilar twins

Following the enactment of the Austrian Utility Model in 1994, not much guidance was given by the courts with regard to the level of inventiveness in order to meet the statutory requirement of “inventive step”. According to the considerations given by the legislator and the prevailing opinion in academic writing, a lower “quantity” of inventiveness … >> read more


Decision of the Austrian Supreme Court regarding SPC’s

The Austrian Supreme court recently decided about the duration of SPC’s based on “old” Austrian national patents, which patents had been filed prior to December 1, 1984. These patents had a duration of 18 years from the day of laying open to public inspection (and at least 20 years from the filing day, respectively). A … >> read more



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