Opinion of Enlarged Board of Appeal to the patentability of diagnostic methods confirms EPO’s established case law: diagnostic methods wherein not all essential technical steps are practised on the human or animal body are patentable.

The Enlarged Board of Appeal has published its Opinion in the case G 1/04 on the patentability of diagnostic methods. The essential question to be clarified by this Opinion was whether the exclusion of diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body should be construed broadly of narrowly, i.e. whether a method falls under … >> read more


Christmas donation 2005

Our Christmas donation 2005 was given (in equal shares) to “Child-Care-Afrika, Water for Africa” and “Stiftung Kindertraum”. “Child-Care-Afrika, Water for Africa” works on rehabilitating irrigation systems and drinking water supplies so new wells can be drilled and old ones renovated. “Stiftung Kindertraum” fulfills the heart’s desire of terminally ill children.

Reduction of Official Fees for Community Trade Marks

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) reduces its fees. Obtaining trade mark protection in all the member states of the EU by filing one single application has now become even more attractive for applicants. Commission Regulation (EC) No 1687/2005 amending Regulation (EC) No 2869/95


“New Patenting Procedure” in Austria

As of 1 July 2005, the Patents Act and Fees Amendment 2004 introduces quite substantial procedural changes which may be viewed as a further important step towards harmonizing Austrian Patent Law with international developments. Publication of Patent Applications after 18 months One of these changes regards the future – electronically provided – publication of Austrian … >> read more


Latvia accedes to the European Patent Convention

On 5 April 2005, the Government of the Republic of Latvia (LV) deposited its instrument of accession to the European Patent Convention (EPC) and to the Act revising the EPC of 29 November 2000. The EPC will accordingly enter into force for Latvia on 1 July 2005. The European Patent Organisation will thus comprise the following 31 member … >> read more



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