Our office gets a novel legal form

After intensive preparations we have managed to transform the legal form of our office with effect from 1.1.2003 to meet the requirements of the future: our partnership “Sonn, Pawloy, Weinzinger & Köhler-Pavlik“ has been transformed to the office of “Sonn & Partners, Patent Attorneys“ (“Sonn & Partner Patentanwälte“; firm register number 230295w). The acting attorneys remain, of course, unchanged.

This transformation does not only result in internal facilitations but also in advantages for our clients, e.g. with respect to the authorisations for representation (Power of Attorney). It is now possible to authorize the office per se and not (as before) one or more individual attorneys of our office. New Power of Attorney forms are already available for downloading at » Service – Download Forms.

At the same time we have also issued our Scale of Charges for 2003. We will be pleased to send you a copy of this Scale of Charges for 2003 upon request (also to be ordered under » office@sonn.at). As usual, we guarantee that these fees will remain unchanged throughout the whole year 2003.