Community Patent Regulation:The Curtain has been Lifted

On 1 August 2000 the Commission presented the proposal for a Council Regulation on the Community patent. The long-awaited draft, which followed the Green Paper of 1997, defines the legal environment for the Community Patent, which shall present an alternative and/or supplement to the current European Patent System. According to the present draft, the Community … >> read more


Revision of the EPC:The Basic Proposal is Published

The basic proposal for the revision of the EPC has been released end of July after taking into account the results of the discussions of the Committee on Patent Law from 3 – 6 July 2000. This basic proposal will be presented to the Administrative Council for discussion during its meeting from 5 – 8 September 2000. The diplomatic … >> read more

Patent Law Treaty Finalised:The End of a (Very) Long Story

On 2 June 2000 the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) has been signed in Geneva. The PLT, once (in the 1980s) thought to become the chosen instrument for international harmonisation for material patent law (and was then, after GATT/TRIPs, nearly forgotten), has now become a very important treaty with respect to setting international minimum standards for … >> read more


Planned Patent Act Amendment 2000:A Milestone for strengthening the Patent System

With the Patents Act amendment still to decide this year Austria is going to follow the international requests, especially of Germany, Japan and the USA, and will support and promote innovative companies by strengthening patent protection and by structuring enforcement proceedings more efficiently. Apart from completely turning up opposition proceedings (an opposition will from now … >> read more


Merger of Sonn, Pawloy, Weinzinger & Wolfram with Dipl.-Ing. Köhler-Pavlik

We are glad to announce that with effect of 1. January 2000 patent attorney’s offices of Sonn, Pawloy, Weinzinger & Wolfram and Dipl.-Ing. Köhler-Pavlik are active in merged form as “Sonn, Pawloy, Weinzinger & Köhler-Pavlik” thereby providing for our clients and foreign associates an even broader offer of specifically and individually designed services. With the … >> read more



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